The Basics

As Loss Consultants, we work with the policyholder and help guide the insured throughout the claims process, helping them recover the fair market value for their specific loss. We clarify complex losses that insurers might not know how to handle accurately; we correct losses where the insurer has erred in assessing scope, value, or coverage; and we work with investors and insureds who simply wish to save time and ensure their insurance loss is handled properly so they receive a just and accurate resolution.

The Process

Our Public Adjusting Process begins with an analysis of your policy to determine all of the coverages that may be applicable to your loss.  We then investigate the damages and facts surrounding your loss, prepare detailed estimates of building damages and inventories of contents, and work with your insurer to facilitate a complete and accurate resolution with your claim. From our initial consultation to our final resolution, our role as your representative is to provide you with accurate and complete information about your loss and to guide you through the options available to receive a full and complete resolution.

The Reasoning Behind Our Actions

  1. Insurance isn’t bad.  It protects you in times of loss.  It reduces risk.  If applied properly, it makes you whole in the event of a loss.  Sometimes the people governing insurance fall a bit short.  This doesn’t mean that we feel we should attack, gouge, or be inaccurate back.  We will simply review your loss and help you make use of the available options to achieve an equitable resolution.
  2. Next, we form an accurate scope, valuation, apply coverages properly, support all of those items with exhaustive research, and sow our file together with a loss report that quickly defines our position.  We provide all of that data to the insurer, give them the opportunity to review any inaccuracies in their original handling, and allow them to make corrections.
  3. We are always open to any new data the insurer would like to provide on a loss.  We will review that data and provide our analysis and any relevant counterpoints which clarify why we have elected the resolution methods and pricing provided in our proof of loss package
  4. If the insurer still refuses to accept the accurate scope, valuation, and/or coverages, our original stance of no fault on the insurer’s part will begin to evolve.  Suffice it to say that we provide the insurer every reasonable opportunity to do the right thing throughout our process.  More importantly, we seek to provide you with updates on claim scope, totals, the options you have available, and our recommendation.
  5. In cases of an irreconcilable stance on the part of the insurer, we will help you evaluate all of the options of recourse and act as your guide until final resolution is achieved.
  6. We won’t, at any time, force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.  If you wish to accept a lower settlement from your insurance company, then we will respect your decision and will facilitate its implementation.
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