Filing an insurance claim can be intimidating. What if you do it wrong or miss something?
Are you blowing your one chance of being made whole?

If you have coverage that you’re too scared to access,
it’s the same as having no coverage at all.

Here at Front Range Claims,
we can help

We work with homeowners like you every day.
We have a proven track record  of getting claims settled correctly and quickly.

We make it easy

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

We’ll come to your home, review your policy, and assess the damages.

Step 2

File the claim

As licensed public adjusters, we handle the entire process of filing (or refiling) your claim.

Step 3

Collect your settlement

Using our industry knowledge and relationships, we work to get your claim resolved quickly and correctly.

Our Promise

You aren’t looking to get rich off your insurance claim.
You just want to be made whole.

We will NEVER inflate your claim.
We ONLY go after what you’re owed.
And we WON’T rest until your claim is resolved.

We will NEVER force you to do something
you’re not comfortable with. If you wish to accept a lower settlement,
we WILL respect your decision.

Zero Risk

Our fee is a percentage of the extra money we win for our clients,
So we only get paid when you get paid.

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